Corporates can assist and reinforce the Food Banking undertaking to use growing new meals banks or assisting current ones to feed the terrible with the aid of integrating meals banking into the organization’s CSR initiatives. We take utmost care in efficaciously allocating the sources and making sure that they’re channelized in the direction of Kenya’s neediest people, consequently remodeling your company involvement into impact.

Here’s how you can support the cause:

Become a Strategic Partner

Join FBK’s Advisory Board and extend your corporate leadership to expand the network of Foodbanks to Stop Hunger in Kenya which affects 34.4 million people.

Become a Financial partner

Food Banking Kenya relies upon businesses’ economic guide to supply sensible and validated answers that get meals to hungry youngsters and households and favorably affect their health, education, and productivity. Your economic contribution nowadays will assist construct and toughen the meal banking structures national and feed tens of thousands and thousands of humans with the aid of using rescuing and channelizing surplus and donated meals.

By supporting our cause financially, you can derive the following benefits:

  • Compliance with CSR provisions of Companies Act as eradicating Hunger, Poverty and Malnutrition
  • Build the brand of the company as socially responsible
  • Inculcate and support a culture of giving and feeding in your organization