Every year, groups concerned with large-scale processed meals manufacturing get rid of heaps of meals from the delivery chain. However, the meals meet all meal’s high-satisfactory norms and is appropriate for consumption. These groups can feed hundreds of thousands by donating the unsold/ surplus inventory. This will help:

  • Reduce food wastage in an ecosystem where millions starve
  • Release valuable warehouse space
  • Save financial and environmental costs on disposal of usable products
  • Build the image of the company’s products as socially responsible

Partner with Food Banking

Food Banking has created a huge network with the community. Having partnered with local leadership, distribution through the Food Drive campaigns has seen accountability and satisfaction key. Easy identification of the beneficiaries and daily follow-ups by volunteers has assured all donors of their donations. Register with us for easier tracking countrywide. Often,FBK has partnered with Supermarkets like Naivas and Chandarana foodplus towards creating a centralized location for collection.

In addition, we have significantly grown our infrastructural capacity over the past year. We are now able to feed 6times people more than we fed in 2019 and still continuing to rescue thousands of kgs of food each week from farms and pack houses. Join a well-established team for your surplus.